Terms & Condition

Agreement Confirmation

We would strongly recommend you to read the agreement prior to clicking the button of “ I Agree”, at which point you are legitimately in compliance with Webox terms and conditions and the information on FAQ section. It would be a good idea to print a copy of the agreement for your record. Disagreeing with our Terms & Conditions would automatically terminate the process of registering an account in Webox.hk. Webox HongKong Limited is a registered company in Hong Hong SAR, China. This agreement is protected by the Hong Kong Law & International Law.

The Use of Terms

Terms such that of “we”, “us”, “webox”, “webox.hk”, as well as “ours” are refer to Webox Hong Kong Limited. Words that are “you” and “your” refer to the user or you, as an individual.

Our Users

Webox only provide services to users who are at the age of 18 or above. Webox reserves the right to refuse any one using our service and any user whose account has been terminated or deactivated by Webox.

We may terminate your use of account in Webox under any of the following circumstances:

  • under 18 years old when you register

  • your account has been deactivated for any disobedient act against Webox’s policy

  • false information or blank spaces on the applicaton form when you register

  • registrant has been in debts with bad records

  • interfering with the operation of Webox or causing difficulties for other users to use the services in Webox

  • other situations in which Webox may consider as not complying with our terms & conditions

Confidentiality & Security

By law, you are responsible for keeping your account password confidential by logging out of the webpage after use and being aware of any suspicious or fradulent e-mails in which your account information may be disclosed without notice. Besides that you should not be sharing and switching your account with others, you should be paying attention to others having access to your computer(s) and mobile device(s). Please note that we undertake to remain the website as fully functional and secured as possible. Despite that we attempt to enforce the security of the webpage (www.webox.hk), Webox does not guarantee and is not liable to any information, currencey and pricing calculation error and not liable for any improper use of our service. Users must safeguard with care when using Webox. It is also your responsibility to notify Webox instantly if there is any known or unknown suspect of break-in of your account in Wexbox. We will deactivate your account promptly, and may require you to open a new one if necessary.

Responsibility & Liability

As a user, you promise to obey to all listed regulations on Webox and not use it for any illegal act. This also means that you are to comply with all laws in Hong Kong and other countries that your goods are being stored & shipped. Webox.hk performs all logistic, warehouse managing & repackaging on behalf of the registered user. There is no permission to resell products you received via Webox services, unless you obey with all laws and regulations that applied to the importation of reselling products and with any Merchant reselling restrictions of your country. All users are fully aware of the information listed on "FAQ" section with acknowledgement. There is no way that Webox will be responsible for the content of information that is obtained from any external website, i.e. not Webox. We have no liability for any loss or damage that may have been caused by your misuse of the account and website. In no situation that Webox will be liable for any of your lost or damaged products during the delivery from the vendor to the Webox warehouse location. We will not process with the transit to your destinated shipping address, if the package has apparently been damaged. Webox will send you an e-mail notification, while the product will stay in our warehouse upon user’s instruction. As long as the shipment is in the warehouse, Webox has the right to unpack/open the shipment for inspection to verify items that you ordered are in accordance with the product information you provide us and to consolidate your items. There is also no necessity to inform users for such inspection. Such inspection will perform by our third party logistic inspectional personnel. You understand & agreed to allow webox to declare and complete commerial invoice on the content of the packages based on the infomration you provided in our system to the custom officers & other government agencies. 

We provide no warranty or guarantee on the quality of the product you purchase from the seller. Webox will not intervene with any transaction between you and the seller. It is advised to pay attention to the product you buy from the vendor, such that of products condition and warranty.

It is your responsibility to always ensure that your name, i.e. the registered name of the account, email address, telephone number and the Webox address you provide us are accurate. An additional charge may apply on you for delivery to an incorrect address.

We are not liable for any delays, lost or damage causing by any of the following circumstances that are beyond our control:

  • Third party logistic or mishandling problems

  • Natural disasters: earthuake, cyclone, tornado, snow storm, avalanche, mudslide, blizzard, flood, fog

  • Accidents or man-made: war, plane crash, riot, protest, embargo

  • Electronic damages: lost of information, data, and recordings.

Please notify us if your package is missing within 7 days of the expected delivery date or delivered date. There are multiple of reasons the package has not been added to your account, which includes but not limited to weather problems, seller shipping problems, wrongly delivery, false/wrong shipping status from the shipping company’s tracking information …etc. We would try our best to help customers to look and search for the package but we do not have any liabilities & responsibilities in lost of packages. WE DO NOT SEARCH FOR PACKAGES THAT EXCEED 30 DAYS AFTER EXPECTED DELIVERY OR DELIVERED DATES. IF A PACKAGE IS NOT SHOWN OR ADDED TO YOUR ACCOUNT EVEN IF THE TRACKING NUMBER STATUS IS LISTED AS DELIVERED, CUSTOMER MUST INFORM US WITHIN 7 DAYS OF THE PROBLEM INCURRED.

Personal Shopper Service

Pricing only includes the item itself and US domestic shipping fees. Address showing on Purchase Receipt maybe deleted by our staff for privacy purposes. Once the package arrived at our warehouse will be added to user account. Then user may

proceed to forward the package back to the designated address. By depositing the funds into our listed bank / paypal account would means the user agreed on our Terms & Condition. Webox is not responsible for any damage, lost or delay of the package / goods condition and arrival. 

Repacking Service

Repacking Service only available when user request. We do not gaurantee repacking service will reduce shipping charges. Webox.hk has no responsibility for any damages related to repacking service. Users are fully aware that repacking the original packaging may reduce the safety of the goods and may cause damages during transportation. 

Dangerous / Prohibited Goods

Webox has the right to decline any shipment without notice. You, as a user, must ensure that all items to be shipped have to comply with the Hong Kong Law and all relative countries, states regulations & laws. You may contact your local government or the custom office for more information. Users may as well visit FedEx.com or UPS.com for further information. Please note that all items being shipped or received are on behalf of the registered user. A list of dangerous and prohibited goods is posted on our website as a reference. The list can be modified without notice. Webox.hk will comply with any government agency regarding any specious package.

In case of an order shipment contains dangerous / prohitbited goods, the items will be confiscated and there will be no refund or exchange on any paid shipping & other service fees. More detail list of prohitbited items can be find at: www.webox.hk/en/faq

Shipping Calculator

The resulting cost on the Shipping Calculator according to the information you provide us is only an approximate estimate and a reference for the user. The actual cost may or may not be the same due to the following variables:

- changes in currency exchange rates

- additional charges in fuel and taxes

- discrepancies in weights between the estimated and the actual package

- additional charges for delivery to suburban areas

- Shipment are charged by shipping fees, warehouse processing fee & storage fees, which will be determine by package's Dimensional Weight or Actual weight, which ever is higher.

- Warehouse Storage & Processing fees will be based on the package's size and weight when it arrives at Webox's USA Warehouse ( Comparison between Actual Weight and Dimensional Weight Applies ) 

- Fuel Surcharge

- Packages receive by user in Hong Kong maybe different to the size while in USA warehouse

Please be reminded that Webox has the right to modify or decline the shipment without notices for any suspected or forbidden items.

Shipping Cost

Webox.hk has the absolute right to cancel any package and to change the shipping cost. The shipping cost from the seller to Webox warehouse will be made payable to the user; Webox has no responsibility for that. For instance, if you place an order from a website in US and have it sent to our Webox US warehouse, you are responsibile for the product cost, domestic shipping cost & any local taxes.

Webox.hk shipping cost includes Shipping fees, Warehouse processing fees & Storage fees. Webox determines these fees by compare the actual weight & dimensional weight of each package; and we take the higher value to conclude final cost. Total cost of shipping already includes warehouse processing fees & storage fees. Webox may repack and remove unnecessary packaging; hence, packages deliver to user maybe in retail or different packaging.

Actual weight is the weight of the package. Dimensonal weight uses the size of the package to generate a weight value.

The formula is as follows: (Length x Width X Height) / 5000

e.g. ( 20cm x 10cm x 10cm) / 5000 = 0.4kg ( Shipping cost would be calculated at 0.5kg)

Mininum calculable weight for each package: 0.5kg , 1kg=2.2lb

Total weight is calculated at 0.5kg Interval, 1kg interval at 21kg or above.

Shipping cost includes the following terms:

- Warehouse Storage & Processing fees will be based on the package's size and weight when it arrives at Webox's USA Warehouse ( Comparison between Actual Weight and Dimensional Weight Applies ) 

- Webox.hk may repack your packages without notices, repacking / repacked packages will not affect user's shipping cost.

- Packages receive by user in Hong Kong maybe different to the size while in USA warehouse

- Users may receive the final packages in retail or different packaging 

Shipping to wrong/previous US warehouse address penalty

- In the case of user shipped to our previous address, there is a $20 USD plenalty fees per package.

Terms & Conditions Modification

The terms and conditions on Webox.hk may change at any time. Webox.hk will not have any announcement about any modification. It is the user’s responsibility to check on Webox.hk’s terms & condition policy. Your continued use will be assumed you have accepted with Webox.hk’s terms & conditions policy. If you do not agree, you must not use Webox.hk’s service.


Your registered e-mail that you provide us for account creation and the annoucement that we post on our home page will be the primary source of communication between you and Webox. You are always more than welcome to contact our customer service team via other methods such emails and telephone contact where you can easily find on our Home and Contact page.


Anything, including but not limited to logo designs, graphics, images, texts, and information, that is showing on Webox.hk belongs to Webox Hong Kong Limited. They are not to be copied, reproduced, used, as well as downloaded without permisson of Webox.