Privacy Policy

The Use of Terms

Terms such that of “we”, “us”, “webox”, “”, as well as “ours” are refer to Webox Hong Kong Limited. Words that are “you” and “your” refer to the user or you, as an individual.

Private Confidentiality and Information Security Agreement

Webox understands and acknowledges the "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance" that having access, use, or any collection of personal information is under the responsibility of Webox. We will obtain personal information and data only in a legitimate manner and for job-related reasons. Webox will only access and act upon appropriate procedures to ensure the accuracy and protection of personal information. Webox will also ensure to prevent from unlawful or seriously improper conduct and accidents that may have caused any disclosure, removal, or misuse of secured information. 

Purpose and Collection of Personal Data

Section 58 (1) holds for the purposes of the preclusion of crime and the assessment or collection of any tax or duty by providing with your Hong Kong Identity or Passport Identity. 

Webox will collect your personal information, including but not limited to your name, identification information, contact details, payment-method information, browser information, purchased items information, IP address, for the following purposes:

  1. to provide clients with accurate, efficient, and improvement services that includes international shipping, items check, clearance, account and payment administration, supply chain management, information management and technological support, electronic commerce, and other related services;
  2. to establish client servicing and communication;
  3. to manage the transactions between you and Webox and to solve any of your enquiries or concerns;
  4. to provide, develop, execute and manage services that include helping to enhance improvement in client servicing via marketing and conducting surreys;
  5. to help to enforce regulations, any outstanding fees, as well as to protect Webox and the interests between clients with all other commercial partners;
  6. to administrate and advertise all social activities of Webox;
  7. to obey and comply with the command of law; and
  8. any purposes that are related to any of the above.

If your personal information and details cannot be obtained, Webox cannot proceed with your application nor provide with any services. 

Transferring Personal Details

Personal information will be fully secured and maintained confidential, except for when conditions that are permitted by applicable policy or law, Webox may:

  1. disclose protected information only as allowed by job duties to Webox's mother company and to companies who are closely related to Webox (which applies to both inside and outside of HKSAR); 
  2. transfer of any details that are relevant to the business of Webox and everything that Webox provides such that of items and services in administration, sales, telecommunication, payment, data management or any other parties that include agents, distributors, and/or any third parties who give support to the business 
  3. disclose to any Hong Kong or overseas government department or to any government institution or registered regulatory authority (e.g. The Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department)
  4. provide information to all persons who are either wholly or partially employed under Webox, or to all shareholders (who may have gained shares via mergers & acquisitions) of Webox.
  5. use, disclose, or transfer any transaction purposes between you and Webox.

Your personal information may be provided to any of the listed above, applying to in and out of Hong Kong.

Direct Marketing

For marketing and promotional purposes (including Direct Marketing), Webox may take into account your name and contact details as an approach to promote you with the following products and services: products from abroad, logistics, courier and international shipping ("Advertisement of products and types of services"). All personal information and details are provided voluntarily by you. Webox may disclose your personal data to any third party with any of the listed marketing/promotional approach. 

If you do not wish to receive any ads and promotional information from Webox, please call (852) 3111 2681 or send to to inform Webox. Any requests for non-disclosure of personal data should be  stated clearly with supporting reasons and details. 

To Check And Amend Personal Information

According to the "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance", you have the rights to request Webox for a copy and a check up upon your personal data. You also have the privilege to rectify any inaccurate personal information. You are authorized to ask Webox for more information on types/categories of your personal data. Webox may charge you for administration fees for handling any of your requests. reserves the rights to modify any information without prior notices. Please refer to english version as final version in terms of argument, word of means.