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Hong Kong’s Preferred eBay and
Amazon Shipping Company

Purchasing from sites that only ship within the US or Canada? All you need is Webox's address!

Found a good deal on a site like eBay or Amazon only to find that their shipping is restricted to within the US or Canada? Are you based in the US or Canada and would like to purchase goods from Hong Kong? That would have been a tragedy before our company came into existence, but now it will never be a problem again! Webox.hk is a Hong Kong based cloud forwarding company. Our Amazon and eBay shipping services provide you with a private US or Canada shipping address and personal shopper which allows you to purchase any goods from a Canadian, US or HK online store like Amazon and eBay and then have it forwarded to your own country via our post box. Now you can enjoy US seasonal discounts like those seen on Thanksgiving and Black Friday as well as other Hong Kong wholesaling discounts! After the goods are shipped to Webox's warehouse, users can consolidate and ship the goods to wherever they want! International shipping fee is as low as $28 HKD/lb!


I am glad that webox.hk uses Fedex as their logistic partner and the price is surprising reasonable, i recommand webox.hk and will use again !

I am really amazed by their system, very easy to use, i received notification on every stage. They also handle my webshop's logistic, all in one system ! 

Shipping Calculator

Webox.hk calculates user’s shipping cost by the package weight. We compare the actual weight and dimensional weight of each package. We then take the higher value to calculate every air parcel shipment. 

To better serve and suit the needs of our customers, we offer two shipping options: Express Shipping & Standard Shipping

It's just like renting your own private jet vs. taking a commercial 747. 

Express Shipping is like your own private jet; we consolidate only your goods whereas with standard shipping, we gather everyone’s goods on a large pallet, and we ship them all together. By exclusively shipping your goods your parcel will arrive faster but will cost more, with the standard option, the cost would be less but time length would be longer. 

Express Shipping usually takes 2-5 days, Door-to-Door Service, Notification will be send via email by FedEx.

Standard Shipping takes 10-15days. Customers will need to pickup their goods at Webox's pickup location. Notification will be sent via email by webox.hk. 

FedEx for both shipping methods to ensure the quality of our services.

Minimum calculatable weight for each package: 0.5kg (1kg=2.2lb)  |  Total weight is calculated at 0.5kg Interval.

Ecommerce Fullfillment

E-commerce Fulfilment Services

As online shopping on sites like Amazon and eBay has been growing in demand generation after generation, many companies tapping into the enormous potential of the digital market. One of the initial challenges faced by companies looking to enter into e-commerce is logistics. Webox.hk provides a one-stop business fulfillment solution for online shops, offering inventory warehousing in both Hong Kong, the United States and Canada. Our comprehensive services include pick & pack, returns management and shipping services - all in our state-of-art online platform. Online shoppers can avoid paying extra shipping fees when shopping with websites who hold partnerships with Webox.hk. Our objective is to enhance and strengthen online trade exporting and reposition Hong Kong as one of the largest ecommerce hubs in the world. Besides eliminating the hassle of online logistics, becoming partners with Webox.hk can also benefit your clients with shipping discounts, which in turn generate more online sales revenue. Living in a trade tax-free city, we do not just aim to provide local and foreign clients with our consolidated service in Hong Kong, we also wish to boost the sales for all online shops in export in general. This win-win situation is our ultimate mission; driving e-commerce in Hong Kong and making the city more competitive.

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To learn more about our company’s operations and how you can sort out your Amazon or eBay shipping to Hong Kong from the US or Canada, please fill in the enquiry form or call our customer service hotline on 31112681 today!

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